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Dumbledore and Fawkes by hueco-mundo
Speedpaints: Harry Potter II by coupleofkooks
Goblet of Fire by Chyringa
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Philosopher's Stone
Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions by s-u-w-i
Hello Fluffy by acatnamedeaster
Harry Potter Tarot :: 6 of Pentacles by nasubionna
Rescue by Yuki-Almasy
Chamber of Secrets
My father will hear about this by LifeofaPottedPlant
Fight with Basilisk by MarinaMichkina
The Chamber of Secrets by ninjakitsune
hp by AllaKoala
Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter Tarot :: The Hermit by nasubionna
Divination class by grecioslaw
Patronus by Khuna128
Harry has left the Dursleys by basschel
Goblet of Fire
Cho Chang by RaRo81
The Dark Lord will return by cs2016
Junior under-secretary... by Noe-Izumi
It was much too dark... by gerre
Order of the Phoenix
Dolores Umbridge by basschel
Feast of Love - Contest Entry by thalle-my-honey
Dean Thomas by rijsamurai
The Order of The Phoenix by Aedua
Half-Blood Prince
HP - A Hundred Great Saves Made by Cormac McLaggen by vive-m
Bellatrix and Narcissa by Nemesis-Eris
It is magic! by cs2016
Nose guy but with colours this time by LifeofaPottedPlant
Deathly Hallows
I Open at the Close by acatnamedeaster
To the end by cs2016
The sacking of Severus Snape by Nemesis-Eris
horcrux by rijsamurai
Character Portraits
Snape character sheet by LifeofaPottedPlant
Dumbledore character sheet by LifeofaPottedPlant
Thinking of Quidditch by AncientKing
The Girl Who Waited (Ginny Weasley) by thalle-my-honey
Conceptual and food for thought
The Servant by Vizen
Rat by acatnamedeaster
Harry by AaronGriffinArt
Ravenclaw Diadem by jesterry
Next generation era
the world changes by PlatinaSi
Older generations era 1881-1981
Are You Sure? by acatnamedeaster
Ancient era and tales
Rowena Ravenclaw by LoremAgro
House elves and magical creatures
Lethifold by Ruchiel
Potter Places and magical objects
The rain by IskisAggie



Group Info

This group is for fans of J.K Rowling's Harry Potter book series. But this is no ordinary Harry Potter Fan Art group.
At Epic-Potter we only accept illustrations of canon Potter events.

This group is for you if you look for an original art, inspired by the books rather than the movies.

Also, here you will find works of quality and epic imagination.

So go relax, read some Potter, and get inspired by the characters, creatures, and happenings of the wizarding world.
Founded 6 Years ago
Apr 20, 2011


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Fan Club

718 Members
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You heard it here first!
founded 5 year ago by RavenclawRadiance, Epic-Potter was the first group of it's kind - putting complete emphasis on fan art true to the Harry Potter books and J.K. Rowling's descriptions! All we set out to do was to stimulate your imagination. Anyone and everyone has seen Dan Radcliffe as Harry. But you are the only one who has ever seen your very own version of Harry, his friends, and everything else in the potterverse! So strive to bring your image to life on paper, and show us!

:bulletblue:Welcome to Epic-Potter! A group exclusively for original, quality, Harry Potter Illustrations!

:bulletblue: Please know that this group is first and foremost all about the Harry Potter books!

:bulletblue:To join Epic-Potter, simply request to do so.

:bulletblue:Before submitting, please read the following rules/mission statements/rants about potter-originality:

If you plan on submitting some Harry Potter art (or suggesting a group favorite) please realize that:

:bulletblue:WE DO NOT ACCEPT
-pieces strongly and obviously influenced by the movies
-movie stills
-drawings that are simply copied from movie stills
-drawings of the actors (or containing an obvious degree of the actors likenesses) from the HP films
-OC drawings
-Photography (this includes photos of the Wizarding World Park)
-Anime/Manga Style
-Sketch dumps
-Mature (sexual) Content. Gore is OKAY. Harry Potter is violent and gory and EPIC at times

Failure to comply with the above will result in the rejection of your submission.

:bulletblue:We ONLY accept:
-work which is deemed as high quality
To determine high quality we consider:
-artists' rendering skill
-originality! and creativity!
-work for which the artist submitting it can claim full responsibility for creating. We will not accept colored line-arts belonging to other artists. (Collabs are okay)

In terms of content:

-Must depict an event which clearly happened or was clearly implied in one of the Harry Potter books. Events must be canon. Canon also includes the episodes written by J.K. Rowling on Pottermore.

-No couple art which is not mentioned in the books. Ex- Ron and Hermione's first kiss in DH would be acceptable. Random fluff of James and Lily getting it on is not.

-Must be a character portrait based on YOUR OWN INTERPRETATION of how you see that character. Pieces of/containing Characters which look too much like actors from the movies will be denied.

-Must simply be a high quality piece of art which portrays Harry Potter in accordance with the above and in a way which is deemed acceptable by the staff.

:bulletblue:This is a place for high quality, original pieces. We WANT to see what YOU see when you sit down and read Harry Potter (movies ASIDE). This is not a place for seeing who can copy a picture of Daniel Radcliffe most accurately. Deviations with too many or obvious similarities to the Harry Potter films will be denied. Don't be discouraged by this, but take it as a challenge. A challenge to use your imagination. You had to use it, afterall, before the movie adaptions came out...

The bottom line is:
We ONLY accept high quality, original Potter illustrations.

:bulletblue:If your deviation is rejected know that we mean no offense.

:bulletblue:If you submit art please realize that it may take a while for the admins to look over your submission. Therefore do not be discouraged if your submission is not voted on straight away - we are getting there! :)

:bulletblue:Check out our existing gallery or faves for examples of what type of pieces we are looking for.


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Gryffgirl Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015
Sorry for the late response!  Yes, Pottermore would be considered canon in this group if J.K. Rowling wrote it on that site.  Because we don't visit it that often, a link would be useful when submitting!
LeochisHogwarts Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2015   Traditional Artist
Love the concept of this group! I've always been bothered that the HP world was so much influenced by the films. I don't think the movies were bad, but I never was happy with most of the actors.
ZlayerOne Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
As sure as ghosts are transparent, I'm thankful for this kind request.
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